TyTReporter™ Tightens-Up CSX Avon Yard Ops

TyTReporter™ “will bring Avon Yard a full complement of calibration and performance statistics and analysis,” Trainyard Tech noted. “CSX will realize increased throughput, safety and user-friendly control and reporting. TyTReporter™, a sophisticated railyard reporting tool, will be customizable by all levels of Avon users to simplify troubleshooting, analyze yard trends and review up-to-the minute historical performance. Drilling down to gather information about an individual railcar or yard device is quick and simple.”


The CLASSMASTER™ system features include auto calibration; graphic playback; easily readable loggers; real-time hump list display; eBlock™ electronic track blocking; automatic report generation; AEI integration and list verification; I/O redundancy; hot standy operation and remote diagnostics. Automatic calibration “delivers the highest levels of accuracy, quickly,” Trainyard Tech said.

CSX Avon Yard

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