Wabtec Unveils New Additive Manufacturing Facility

The company announced the construction of its new facility last fall, and began operations there on June 8.

Wabtec is the anchor tenant of Neighborhood 91, an additive manufacturing and 3D-printing supply chain hub located on the 195-acre airport campus. With a SLM®800 printer, Wabtec will produce brake parts for transit applications and heat sinks for freight locomotives, among other components. The company said it plans to use additive technologies to produce more than 25,000 parts by 2025.

“Advances in additive technology are changing the way we design and build the next generation of business-critical, sustainable products for our customers,” Wabtec Chief Technology Officer Eric Gebhardt. “Neighborhood 91 and its one-of-a-kind additive ecosystem will help foster creative solutions to engineering challenges and breakthroughs in 3D printing. Our Neighborhood 91 facility and the other additive labs in western Pennsylvania will accelerate new innovations that shrink lead times, reduce cost and increase reliability.”

Wabtec began operations at the Neighborhood 91 additive hub in Pittsburgh, Pa., on June 8.

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