RISSB has launched a podcast series concentrating on conversations with extraordinary leaders called RISSB Conversations.

From c-suite executives to well-known industry stalwarts, hear the extraordinary stories of some of the biggest names in the transport industry and get to know the real people behind the impressive titles.

Downright insightful and often fun, download our RISSB Conversations episodes if you want to hear how our leaders got their big breaks, what lessons they’ve learnt, what the future holds for the transport sector plus much, much more.

Episode 4 – Emma Thomas

Sunshine Coast Council CEO Emma Thomas is an exceptional leader who has had a remarkable career. A career that has involved working in operational roles for aviation, rail and roads; managing large public service organisations; delivering major projects, and working for household names.

Go on a journey with Emma as she recounts her days as an aeronautical engineer, explains what gymnastics taught her about work, and delivers some insightful leadership lessons.

Episode 3 - Rob Mason

In episode 3 we talk to Rob Mason the owner of RM Consulting Services. Many of you know him as the first Chief Executive of New South Wales Trains and the former Chief Executive of Railcorp. From offshore surveying to C-suite positions, this masterful storyteller shares highlights from a decades-long career and has some sage advice for people starting out.

Episode 2 – Carolyn Walsh

In this episode we talk to someone who is passionate about transport safety and is the current Chair of Australia’s National Transport Commission – Carolyn Walsh. Carolyn has more than 3 decades experience in policy development, regulation and safety management at Commonwealth and State Government levels, and holds the title of the longest serving Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Episode 1 – Andrew Lezala

In our very first episode, we interview Andrew Lezala, a man who’s been in rail for more than 4 decades and who, in his previous job lifted on-time performance to 94 per cent, added over 1500 services per week and took all-important customer satisfaction figures to a five-year high.