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Governance Documents

Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board Limited Constitution

Signed and dated MOU


Terms and Conditions
Complaints and Appeals Procedure
Privacy Statement
Whistleblower Policy

RISSB Development Process Documentation

Administration Procedures

ADMIN 3.0 Obtaining a Contractor
ADMIN 3.1 Product Appeals Process
ADMIN 3.3 Document Control Procedure
ADMIN 3.4 Style Guide for Standards
ADMIN 3.5 Document Style Guide for Rules, Codes of Practice & Guidelines
ADMIN 3.7 Development Groups
ADMIN 3.8 Standing Committees

Product Development Procedures

ADMIN 4.0 Product Development and Accreditation
ADMIN 4.1 Work Plan Development Procedure
ADMIN 4.2 Developing a Product
ADMIN 4.3 Product Review and Comment
ADMIN 4.4 Product Independent Review
ADMIN 4.5 Product Approval
ADMIN 4.6 Product Publication
ADMIN 4.7 Product Review and Maintenance

RISSB Contributor – Code of Conduct

Technical Notes

AS 4292 Railway Safety Management Technical Note
National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers Technical Note for AHPs on Category 3 Assessments