National Track Worker Safety Forum

The National Track Worker Safety Forum (NTWSF) is a product of discussions between members of the RISSB Australian Network Rules and Procedures Management Committee and Transport for New South Wales to promote cross industry learnings from incidents, accidents and projects that mitigate risks to Australasian rail industry track workers.

The National Trackworker Safety Forum:
• Facilitates necessary and desirable outcomes that promote track worker safety in the Australasian rail industry
• Publishes, distributes and promotes the outcomes from the NTWSF to maximise safety potential across the industry
• Promotes and implements initiatives on behalf of the NTWSF members relating to: rail safety, industry harmonisation to promote efficiency and other initiatives as agreed between the NTWSF Steering Committee and members from time to time.

Membership is open to rail infrastructure managers, rail operators, maintainers, safety practitioners, and other stakeholders with an interest in improving the protection of workers on track.