Priority Planning Process

The Rail Industry and Safety Standards Board (RISSB) works to develop a suite of products and services which benefit our funding members and the wider rail community. We would like to invite you to contribute ideas you may have for national railway Standards, Codes of Practice, or Guidelines.

Ideas for new products are put forward through a formal call for submissions process that is open to anyone with an interest in the rail industry. If you would like to submit a proposal which will benefit the rail community, we request that you submit your ideas to using this form.

Please note that the more detailed your proposal, the better a chance of success it has. In particular we are looking for clear objectives, scope, and benefits (safety, interoperability/harmonisation, financial, environmental – quantified if possible) as well as any important considerations relating to industry implementation of the finished product. But fundamentally important is that the proposal must be relevant for national application.

As well as the new publications RISSB develops each year, RISSB’s annual work plan also includes a number of publications undergoing ‘aged review’. This aged review process is a vital part of RISSB’s process as it helps ensure all of our products continue to meet the needs of the Australian rail industry. A list of historical documents ready for their aged review can be found here; you’re invited to let us know if these documents need updating via the ‘change request’ functionality provided. If we receive no change requests for individual products, we will take it that those documents are still current, we’ll reconfirm them, and leave them off our work plan – for now, but revisit them in the near future.