RISSB Membership Information

As a RISSB member, you will be part of a dynamic organisation that is at the forefront of safety and standards development in the rail industry. Becoming a member of RISSB will provide access to many valuable services and benefits. Membership affords the opportunity to participate in the governance of RISSB through the nomination and election of four Industry Directors who each represent a sector of industry.

Membership is open to all rail transport operators in Australia and overseas as well as network owners and managers and contractors, and suppliers to the rail industry. More information about each level of Membership is provided further down this page.

Passenger Operations

Passenger Operations

Network Managers/Owners

Network Managers/Owners

Freight Operations

Freight Operations

Suppliers and Contractors/Other Industry Participants

Suppliers and Contractors/Other Industry Participants

Important advantages of being a RISSB Member

  • Access to an entire suite of Australian Standards, Guidelines, Codes of Practice and Rules for the Australian rail industry
  • Shape the future direction of the industry
  • Unrestricted access to the Australian Rail Risk Model (ARRM)
  • An opportunity to play an active role in the governance of RISSB and its future priorities
  • Broad involvement with various industry groups
  • Participate in supporting programs - networking, speaking and learning

RISSB Membership Fees


The Membership fees are set out below for the financial year 2019/20.

Fees are payable on a financial year basis and are not refundable. For members who join between 1 October and 31 March a pro rata fee will apply. For members who join after 1 April there will be no fee for the current year but the fee for the following year will apply.

Please note in determining the Class of member only turnover (or revenue) from rail related activities is considered. Turnover from other industry sectors is not relevant and should be ignored for the purposes of RISSB membership.

Fee Structure – Members

Industry Turnover*
PA (A$)
Funding Class Annual Fee
(inc. GST)
> $750M 1 $284,753
$250 – $750M 2 $177,896
$100 – $250M 3 $94,093
$50 – $100M A $42,094
$20 – $50M B $19,808
$5 – $20M C $9,905
$1 – $5M D $4,900
<$1M E $3,688
Associate $1,250

*This includes turnover for the Australian rail industry. All other industries or international rail turnover should not be reflected in this figure.

Please review the Associate Membership criteria to confirm your organization's elegibility
Apply for Membership


  • Is My Organisation Eligible for Membership?
  • What Happens After I Submit My Application?
  • I'd Like to Join the RISSB Board, Am I Eligible?

Is My Organisation Eligible for Membership?

You will be eligible to be a Full Member of the Company if membership is for:
(a) an accredited rail transport operator (either as a rail infrastructure manager or a rolling stock operator or both), whether within Australia or overseas
(b) a government agency or organisation that controls the management of rail networks by a rail transport operator
(c) a contractor or supplier supplying services or equipment to the Industry
(d) an association with a key focus on the Industry.

What Happens After I Submit My Application?

You form will be forwarded to RISSB’s Company Secretary for review and then provided to the Board for their consideration. The Board may, in its absolute discretion, approve or reject an application to become a Member and determine the class of membership for which an applicant or existing Member qualifies.

I'd Like to Join the RISSB Board, Am I Eligible?

Here are the conditions:
(i) you consent to being appointed a director of the Company
(ii) an Industry Director must be a natural person
(iii) the person must be nominated by their employer or sponsoring organisation who is a Full Member; and
(iv) the person’s employer or sponsoring organisation must be a Full Member representing one of the four categories:
A. Passenger Operations;
B. Freight Operations;
C. Network Managers/Owners; or
D. Suppliers and Contractors and/or other Industry participants.

(b) No person shall be qualified to be elected or appointed to the Board as an Industry Director unless their employer or sponsoring organisation who is a Full Member has paid their Subscription in accordance with clause 4 of RISSB’s Constitution.

Important Notice

All members are reminded that they have access to a copy of RISSB products but must not distribute, copy or allow any third party (including any members of the Member) to have access to those products unless RISSB provides its express written permission.