Human Factors Managers Group

The Human Factors Managers Group provides a forum for rail industry Human Factors Managers to develop and communicate common perspectives on technical priorities, standards, and research that drives safety and performance in the rail industry.

RISSB provides national coordination for the Human Factors Managers Group, facilitating discussions around human risks and opportunities that contribute to a safe (SFAIRP) rail environment.

The group focuses on:

Leadership: Provide leadership in the industry in relation to the continuous improvement of Human Factors as a key discipline that contributes to safety and performance.

Technical Methods: Maintain a watching brief on new Human Factors technical methods in order to promote improved approaches.

Research: Identification of common research priorities to assist in directing research providers towards highest impact areas at a national level.

Guidance: Identification and initial assessment of international rail guidance and standards for promotion.

Standards: Identification of gaps in current standards provision for consideration during RISSB priority review.

Continuous Professional Development:  Identification of requirements for the Continuing Professional Development of Human Factors Specialists in the Rail industry.

Public Transport Users: Promote the value of Human Factors in the design of systems and infrastructure that improve the experience of public transport users whilst supporting system performance improvement in areas such as wayfinding, passenger flow, and information systems.

Meetings are held at least twice a year and membership is open to all accredited rail transport operators including rail infrastructure managers.

The Rail Human Factors Forum

For the first time in November 2023, RISSB hosted the Rail Human Factors Forum. This free event was created to share information with an emphasis on learning about the application of human factors tools and methods by those directly utilising them.

We heard from human factors experts from around the rail industry as they share their experiences in applied human factors across a number of different topic areas, from design and innovation through to fatigue risk management. There was also a dedicated panel that discussed the benefits and application of human factors to the investigation of rail incidents.

The Forum was a development opportunity for rail human factors practitioners as well as for those with an interest in the topic, or who rely on the outputs of human factors analysis and approaches to deliver good safety and performance outcomes within a rail setting.

You can view the 2023 Rail Human Factors Forum recording by clicking here. Linked below you will also find a copy of each of the presentations.