Our Committees and Groups

RISSB manages a number of committees and groups through which it engages with industry.

Standing Committees

The work of developing and managing Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, Guidelines and Rules for the rail industry is divided, as appropriate, among a number of RISSB committees. RISSB’s committee structure is designed to allow appropriate industry oversight and good technical representation.

RISSB Standing Committees are established to discuss significant industry issues and to assist in the development of Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, Guidelines and Rules. 

RISSB’s Current Active Standing Committees are:
Rolling Stock
• Infrastructure
Train Control 
Safety and Operations Committee

Advisory Groups

From time to time RISSB seeks advice from experts working in industry and from universities, private enterprise and other organisations. Working with these experts helps build our knowledge and facilitates a greater understanding and consensus on the way forward in specific discipline areas.

These experts help us by collaborating as members of specialist advisory groups, such as:
• National Rules Advisory Group
• Cyber Security Advisory Group
• ARRM Advisory Group.

Development Groups

Product development relies heavily on input from the rail industry ensuring our products best reflect the needs of our stakeholders. RISSB does this by regularly seeking nominations from subject matter experts to form a Development Group tasked with delivering a new product. Development Group opportunities are announced in our communiques and RISSB Connect. To receive Development Group notifications, sign up to receive our newsletter and communiques.

By being a part of a RISSB product Development Group, you will be helping develop industry-recognised, good practice, accredited Australian Standards and other products that will help shape the future of the rail industry.

View our DG Member Induction to familiarise yourself with RISSB Products, the Product Development Process, and the responsibilities of a Development Group Member.  

The Code of Conduct is available here.

View a list of organisations currently involved in Australian Standards development.