SPAD Working Group

The SPAD Group is an industry group co-ordinated by RISSB. Membership is from across the Australian and New Zealand rail industries. The SPAD Group generally meets three times a year and offers a SPAD Forum for industry every two years.

The SPAD group meetings focus on SPAD related activities for national application including light rail.It provides leadership and offers a means for organisations to share SPAD issues and initiatives.

The SPAD Group:
• Offers free and open exchange of ideas and concepts in relation to SPADs
• Hears from industry members on key SPAD initiatives
• Undertakes comprehensive research into SPAD matters
• Develops industry wide, national positions on SPAD matters
• Develop industry positions in relation to ONRSR related SPAD matters
• Establishes, as appropriate, working parties/subcommittees to discuss specific SPAD matters
• Reviews SPAD policies and initiatives being delivered nationally and internationally
• Disseminates information on SPADs to the rail industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Membership is open to any rail organisation in Australia and New Zealand. The ONRSR attends the SPAD Group meetings.

Meetings are generally held adjacent to the Safety Managers Group to allow people to attend both meetings if they wish.