Chief Medical Officers Council

Rail operators in Australia and New Zealand have a responsibility to minimise risks and protect the safety of the public, rail safety workers, their fellow workers, and the environment.

A critical aspect is to monitor the health of rail safety workers (RSW). To ensure there is a consistent approach to this across the Australian and New Zealand rail industry, the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers (the Medical Standards) were developed and are regularly reviewed and updated. Rail operators accredit doctors and other health professionals to undertake medical assessments. The Medical Standards helps accredited health professionals undertake those assessments.

In many cases the rail operator appoints a Chief Medical Officer (CMO). CMOs provide critical input to the standards and processes around their application across the industry.

The Chief Medical Officers Council (CMOC) is a formal group of CMOs from across the Australian and New Zealand Rail industry.

CMOC provides overall governance of the processes around assessing the fitness of RSWs. The CMOC:

  1. discusses key industry issues relevant to the health of rail safety workers
  2. provides expert medical advice in reviews of the medical standards
  3. oversights the processes around the implementation of the standards across the rail industry including:
    • the appointment of Authorised Health Professionals (AHP)
    • the appointment of AHP Trainers
    • forms used in all AHP processes and how they are completed (audits)
    • the management of AHP performance concerns arising from audits
    • training materials and training requirements for AHPs.
  4. oversights communication to the rail industry on matters related to the standards and their application.

The CMOC is a governance group which RISSB co-ordinates for the rail industry.

If you are a rail safety worker (RSW) or an AHP and have any questions, information is available on the rail industry worker website or you can contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682.