Authorised Health Professionals

The National Transport Commission’s National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers is a significant part of rail safety in Australia. It provides practical guidance for rail transport operators (RTOs) to meet their legislative obligations in managing safety risks posed by rail safety worker health. That guidance includes the selection and management of the health professionals who carry out health assessments on behalf of those operators; referred to as Authorised Health Professionals (AHPs).

This scheme provides a low maintenance and easily accessible directory of participating AHPs. Workers who require a medical can search the Rail Industry Worker website for their closest participating AHP to facilitate an examination which will be accepted by the abovementioned organisations.

While the responsibility for selection and management of AHPs rests with the RTOs that appoint them, RISSB and Australasian Railway Association, under the auspices of a cross-industry group of rail Chief Medical Officers (CMOs), have worked together to establish a non-mandatory scheme to help embed the Standard within the industry. Note that while the training is high quality, and considered best practice by the aforementioned CMOs, it doesn’t represent an official unit of competency, nor does it lead to a formal qualification.

For more information about the governance of the scheme, details about the Chief Medical Officers and lists of recognised trainers and AHPs, visit the rail industry worker website.