Training Overview

RISSB Courses

RISSB offers courses with nationally recognised competencies (approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)), as well as other industry-relevant courses and development programs.

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Courses available include:

Online Courses:

Short, online, self-paced courses

  • Introduction to Rail Safety
  • Rail Safety Worker Obligations
  • Safety Critical Communications for Protection Officers

Classroom courses:

Face-to-face with a Registered Training Organisation. Information can be found: HERE

  • Investigate Rail Safety Incidents (TLIF0045)
  • Undertake a Derailment Investigation (TLIF5023)

Horizons Program

The RISSB Horizons Program is part knowledge sharing and part leadership development. Most importantly, the Horizons Program seeks to address the challenges of the future rail industry, today.

Course materials

Online courses are delivered in modules that are completed sequentially in your own time. There may be activities to assist learning within the course, with additional optional activities included as part of the course materials. Assessment quizzes are provided at either the end of modules or the end of the course which a student must complete and pass.

For Classroom courses, a Student Manual is provided and will be utilised by the trainer in delivering the course. The trainer will integrate additional/optional information as required to support the learning experience.

Completing the courses

Classroom courses are usually delivered over 3 – 4 days in a classroom environment. These courses will be offered on a specific timetable, with details of course dates included when they are advertised for enrolment. The courses may include theory and practical assessments. Students are required to complete all assessments within an agreed timeframe to reach competency.

If your organisation wants to discuss a specific delivery option tailored for the organisation, please contact RISSB at

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