Our Role in Industry

Under Australia’s co-regulatory model RISSB supports the rail industry by coordinating the development of Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, Guidelines and Rules.

Our remit is to:
(a) Develop, manage and promote a suite of standards, rules, guidance materials and other documents, including the ACOP and ANRP, to assist the rail industry to manage rail safety, improve efficiency and achieve safety outcomes through standardisation, interoperability and harmonisation

(b) Develop a risk model for the Australian rail operating environment that is based on data and other inputs that will help drive safety improvements by guiding prioritisation of standards development and regulatory activity; and for use by the rail industry participants in directing their approach to safety management

(c) Provide independent technical advice

(d) Undertake initiatives to support the rail industry’s role in the co-regulatory model for rail safety in Australia.

RISSB is the industry leader in promoting interoperability and harmonisation of the Australian rail industry, and championing safety across industry to promote productivity and efficiency.

RISSB fosters knowledge sharing and networking through its various forums, groups and committees and works collaboratively with the Australian rail industry to harmonise safety practices across the country.


2003 RISSB was established in June 2003 as the Code Management Company

2007 The Code Management Company was renamed RISSB

2015 A new constitution and ownership arrangements are introduced – RISSB is no longer wholly owned by the ARA