Our Priorities

Our Mission

Working in partnership to create a safe, efficient and effective rail industry.

Our Vision

To be the trusted leaders in the rail safety co-regulatory environment, providing products and services that enhance safety and efficiency.

Strategic Pillars

The organisation has six strategic pillars to help achieve its vision and business objectives.

Strategic Pillar 1

Industry Safety and Productivity
We will develop products and services that improve:
• Harmonisation for economies of scale which lead to productivity gains, improved safety and performance, and reduced risk.
• Interoperability between networks and modes where required.

Strategic Pillar 2

Technology and Innovation
We will develop an agile and flexible framework with industry to identify emerging technologies and systems, including automation, requiring RISSB products and services to support timely and safe

Strategic Pillar 3

Value Add
We will create value adding products and services that promote safety, productivity and harmonisation within the rail industry.

Strategic Pillar 4

Transparent and Collaborative Processes
We will communicate transparently to members, governments and other stakeholders the process for engagement in the strategic planning, product selection and development of our products and services.

Strategic Pillar 5

Stakeholder Engagement and Promotion
We will collaborate and engage with members, governments and other stakeholders to strengthen relationships, build partnerships and ensure that the roles and responsibilities of RISSB are understood.

Strategic Pillar 6

We will reinforce our leadership role in the co-regulatory model to improve safety and productivity within the rail industry.