ARRM is an objective, quantitative tool that provides the railway with a deep, robust and comprehensive picture of safety risk. It is used to inform:

  • investment decisions by both Government/s and rail companies,
  • safety cases,
  • RISSB’s work program of Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, Guidelines and Rules,
  • regulatory activity,
  • research, and
  • cross-industry collaboration.

For participating rail companies, ARRM provides organisationally specific risk information that users can interrogate in multiple ways (through a simple and user friendly interface) to produce a wide range of reports. It provides the ability to benchmark your levels of risk against anonymised aggregated risk information from other similar rail organisations. ARRM’s risk information can help to identify areas for improvement, support safety initiatives, and/or be presented to the Executive to feed into decision making.

Other organisations can still see national level risk profiles and run queries on those.

ARRM has been developed with industry, for the benefit of industry. Over time the tool will measure trends in safety risk, it will raise the profile of rail safety and have a positive effect on safety culture.

If you want to know more, including how you can become part of ARRM, please contact RISSB. If you are already participating in ARRM please go directly to There is a ‘help’ facility at there, and tutorial videos as well as a ‘Feedback’ area where issues and improvement requests can be recorded.