12 Jul 2024

Call for Public Consultation – New Product – AS 7489 Rolling Stock Passenger Seating and Appointments

The closing date for comments – Tuesday, 10 September 2024

A new Australian Standard 7489 Rolling Stock Passenger Seating and Appointments is now open for a 60-day Public Consultation.

How will this help the rail industry? 

AS 7489 Rolling Stock Passenger Seating and Appointments will provide a more consistent approach across the rail industry in the design and supply of passenger seating using an integrated human factors approach. 


RISSB is enthusiastic to issue this new Standard which forms part of the Government’s National Rail Action Plan (NRAP), a Ministerially sponsored programme of work being driven by the National Transport Commission (NTC) designed to stimulate domestic manufacturing, create local jobs, and shore up supply chains.

The purpose of AS 7489 is to provide best practice and performance-based outcomes in the design, manufacture and maintenance of rolling stock passenger seating, fittings and fixtures. 

AS 7489 defines the recommended dimensional requirements in line with the latest Australian person size data as well as disability accessibility; general access and egress; crashworthiness and occupant impact considerations; vandalism; cleaning and accelerated life cycle testing. 

A knowledgeable and diverse Development Group has worked with RISSB to develop this Standard including rail operators, rolling stock suppliers and human factors experts.

How to contribute

AS 7489 Rolling Stock Passenger Seating and Appointments will be available for public consultation for 60 days. All interested parties are encouraged to provide comments during this time.

The draft Standard is available to download here.

To make comments on the draft, please use the commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to comment in-line with the text.

Please return your PDF with comments to bwooldridge@rissb.com.au by Tuesday, 10 September 2024.

As the rail industry’s accredited standards development organisation, RISSB continues to collaborate with government, rail operators and industry leaders to improve the efficiency and harmonisation of Australia and New Zealand’s rail network, ensuring national interoperability into the future.