23 Jan 2019

Help Shape RISSB’s 2019 / 2020 Work Plan

Once a year RISSB encourages stakeholders to suggest a new product through a call for submissions process.

This month we’re inviting you to submit your idea for a new Australian Standard, Code of Practice or Guideline that RISSB could usefully develop for national application. For submissions to be considered for RISSB’s 2019 / 20 workplan I’d urge you to submit your idea by 14/2/19.

Each submission will need to consider:

• expected impact in supporting interoperability / harmonisation across Australia’s railways,
• potential to improve national safety levels,
• likely financial impacts (e.g. cost reductions) it will deliver, and
• environmental benefits.

We ask that submissions give thought to these and describe benefits on the form provided, along with other important pieces of information. The more thorough your submission, the better the decision-making in prioritising new ideas.

The remainder of the form relates to the detail of the project. Describe the full extent of the subject matter the product would deal with or is relevant to. This will aid in the actual project of delivering your proposed document and will help RISSB in planning its resources as we move toward the new financial year. Any information you can provide here will help us understand your proposal better, and help us in managing the project itself.

The work that RISSB does is for the railway, and by the railway; this is your chance to be involved. Thank you in advance for being part of this important aspect of RISSB’s process.

RISSB Products for Prioritisation form

Ideas are to be submitted to info@rissb.com.au by midday Thursday, 14 February 2019.