16 Nov 2023

MEDIA RELEASE – RISSB plans further consultation on AS7531 Rolling Stock Lighting and Visibility Standard

The most recent review of Australian Standard 7531 Rolling Stock Lighting and Visibility has closed after a four week Public Consultation but Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) confirms the Standard will undergo an additional review and consultation in 2024.

The 7531 Rolling Stock Lighting and Visibility Australian Standard was first developed and published by RISSB in 2006 and reflected the need for rail transport operators to reduce safety risks through measures such as lighting on the front of a train and the installation of reflective strips along the side of a train.

The Standard was last reviewed and improved in 2015 and the current review, which recently closed after a four week public consultation, considers the improvements of design principles including environmental factors, day and night conspicuity, and the visibility of rolling stock from a road users’ perspective. It also considers the technical requirements for the use of LED light technology and visibility lights, and enhanced maintenance for lighting fixtures, reflectors, and livery. These technical requirements have been the subject of operational trials to validate their effectiveness.

In parallel with the current 2023 review, the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) is undertaking further trials with Monash University Institute of Rail Technology and the industry to understand the efficacy of “side lighting and visibility beacon lighting”. These trials will help industry better understand where to focus its resources to improve train visibility and safety at regional crossings.

The findings from these trials and any associated technical requirements will be considered for further amendments to AS7531 in another review and round of Public Consultation in 2024.

As part of the Public Consultation process in 2024 and in addition to considering the findings from the trials, RISSB will take steps to engage with other key road safety and road user organisations and interested parties to provide their input. This additional step acknowledges the importance of considering safety learnings from a broad range of stakeholders in ensuring Standards are fit for purpose and meet the needs of end users.

RISSB is accredited by Standards Australia as the only Standards Development Organisation (SDO) for the rail industry in Australia and as such follows a rigorous process to ensure that Standards reflect the needs of stakeholders, are up-to-date, are evidence based, and are acceptable to end users.

Australian Standards developed by RISSB are living documents that reflect progress in science, technology and systems. From ideation to publication release, RISSB recognises that Public Consultation is an important part of the Standards development process as it contributes to the quality and delivery of the final product.

Quotes attributable to RISSB CEO, Damien White

“RISSB is committed to improving safety outcomes at level crossings by working closely with the National Level Crossing Safety Committee, ONRSR, government agencies, rail operators, and other interested parties, in the development of supporting Standards, Codes, and Guidelines.”

“RISSB would like to thank all stakeholders for their engagement in developing AS7531. We will continue to work with industry to amend and refine the Standard in 2024.”


The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) is a non-government, member-based, not-for-profit that develops Australian Standards, Guidelines, Codes of Practice and Rules on behalf of the Australian rail industry.