30 Sep 2021

National Rolling Stock Register To Roll Into Production

RISSB in partnership with Commonwealth, state and territory governments has commenced the development of a national rolling stock register that will provide a single data source on rolling stock across Australia and a central platform for the management of the rolling stock registration process.

A National Rail Action Plan initiative, RISSB CEO Deborah Spring said that the register would significantly improve rolling stock data transparency, enhance interoperability, and harmonise the rolling stock registration process.

This month, RISSB hit a major milestone in the year-long project, entering into a contract with local software developer Aquipa Pty Ltd to develop the register.

By this time next year, RISSB will be on target to deliver a centralised database of rolling stock with base information required for vehicle registrations. The database will enable inputting of unique rolling stock identification numbers and will provide rail infrastructure managers, rolling stock operators and asset owners functionality to update information and access shared information.

Planned future phases will scale up the system allowing rail transport operators to issue certificates, waivers and exemptions, as we work toward the ultimate future goal of a single point of registration and approval management.

The national rolling stock register is a significant project delivered by RISSB’s Major Projects portfolio, a business stream created to target problem areas for the rail industry not easily addressed by RISSB’s more traditional Standards, Codes of Practice and Guidelines.