30 Jun 2022

New Publications – 30 June 2022

Two Australian Standards have been published and are now available to download from RISSB’s website.

AS 7520.1 Australian railway rolling stock – Body structural requirements – Part 1 – Locomotive

This document describes requirements for the structural strength of railway locomotive bodies.

The main purpose of the requirements are to:

  • prescribe the minimum structural integrity level of the vehicle body to ensure safe performance under normal operating conditions and extreme operating conditions;
  • minimize risks to train crew and members of the general public in the event of collisions or derailments.

This Standard applies to new and modified locomotive rolling stock.

AS 7666 Train protection and control interoperability

The objective of this Australian Standard is to provide the rail industry with guidance, including a framework and process for planning and implementing any change to a train protection and control system, where the change has potential to impact interoperability. In particular, this Standard will support the introduction of next generation train protection and control technologies such as in-cab signalling, which have been rolled out across rail networks in Australia.