09 Jun 2016

Reminder – Transition period closing 30th June 2016

As you would have seen from the RISSB Whistle Board over the last few months, RISSB has been transitioning over the past twelve months from a wholly owned subsidiary of the ARA to a stand alone not for profit organisation.

The final stage of RISSB’s transition period comes to an end on 30th June 2016 when RISSB Standards and products will become available exclusively to RISSB members.

This will affect your website user access to RISSB products if your organisation is not a RISSB member from Friday 1st July 2016.

At the end of the 2015/16 financial year, companies and individuals working in the rail industry will have several options to retain or gain access to RISSB Standards and products.

These options are:

If you or your company are already a RISSB member

  • In this case there will be no change and your company will retain seamless access to RISSB Standards and products

If your company is an ARA member, but not a RISSB member

  • In this case the company will be required to become a member of RISSB to continue to access Standards and products

If your company is a micro (3 people or less) consulting business, training or academic institution

  • In this case companies or individuals may join RISSB as an Associate member. Associate membership is a new membership category that was implemented at RISSB’s AGM in November 2015.

If you’re unsure if your company is already a RISSB member, or if you have any queries on the above, please do not hesitate to contact Kirk Alber on (02) 6270 4528 or at kalber@rissb.com.au.