06 Jun 2019

RISSB CEO Announcement

The RISSB Board wishes to announce that after more than three years at the helm of RISSB, Paul Daly, RISSB’s CEO, has resigned.

Paul has made many contributions to RISSB, most notably, renegotiating a five-year Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal and State Governments, launching the Australian Rail Risk Model (ARRM), developing the world’s first Rail Cyber Security Standard AS 7770, expanding RISSB’s training and events program, and streamlining RISSB’s internal processes to improve product delivery.

Paul leaves RISSB in a very strong position for future growth and we sincerely thank him for his contribution and leadership during his tenure as CEO.

Deb Spring (RISSB’s Chair) will assume the role of Executive Chair and CEO until the recruitment of a new CEO takes place. This will ensure continuity and aid the transition to a new permanent CEO.

The Board wishes Paul all the success in his future endeavours.