31 Jan 2024

RISSB has published AS 7739.2 Digital engineering for fixed rail infrastructure – Part 2 Technical Requirements

In conjunction with an industry Development Group, RISSB is excited to announce the release of the new Standard, AS 7739.2 Digital engineering for fixed rail infrastructure – Part 2 Technical Requirements.

The  Standard follows the release of AS 7739 Digital engineering for fixed rail infrastructure Part 1: Concepts and principles, which was published in January 2023.

About the Standard 

Digital engineering (DE) is a term that is used globally and has been adopted by both asset owners and delivery partners alike. Given it is a relatively new term used to describe business processes that are relatively advanced yet also conceptual, there currently exists a wide range of interpretations and expectations.

AS 7739.2 provides detailed technical requirements (including specifications and procedures) for the procurement and management of digital engineering project deliverables. The Standard also includes a Common Data Dictionary (CDD).

AS 7739.2 comprises of a number of key topics:

  • DE business setup – Business improvements required prior to procurement and implementation of DE on rail infrastructure projects
  • DE project planning – Activities required for DE scoping and specification in project contracts, to inform procurement of DE services
  • DE project delivery – Activities required for successful delivery of DE services for rail infrastructure projects
  • The inclusion of an informative Common Data Dictionary worksheet.

How will this help the rail industry? 

The AS 7739 Standards present significant opportunities for the Australian and New Zealand rail infrastructure sector to improve data management and promote sector wide digital transformation.  

By adopting this Standard, all parties throughout the value chain will be able to communicate reliably using a common digital language. This will drive significant efficiencies by avoiding data loss, automating manual processes, and minimising the need for information to be re-assured or recreated repeatedly over each lifecycle stage.

Find out more

This standard has now been published on the RISSB website, and can be viewed here.

To support the release of AS 7739.2, RISSB has developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) document.

If you would like to find out more about the Standard, you can access the FAQ’s document by clicking here.

We will also be hosting a MasterClass Webinar to support the launch of AS 7739 on Tuesday 12 March 2024.

We will be joined by Simon Vaux, the author of the Standard and the Chief Executive Officer of DEOS Digital, as he discusses the Standard in more detail.

Click here to register.