28 Nov 2017

RISSB milestone achieved – ownership of AS 1085 Railway Track Materials series of standards transitioned to RISSB

RISSB is pleased to announce that it has taken over the management from Standards Australia of the AS 1085 series of standards (Railway Track Materials), and will be maintaining them into the future.  The transition of these standards to RISSB is the latest expression of confidence in RISSB’s ability to address the concerns and interests of suppliers as well as those of rail transport operators.

These standards, written prior to the existence of RISSB, are effectively the specification for the infrastructure that is the backbone of Australia’s railway sector. They provide our infrastructure managers with the critical detail they require to build and maintain their networks; this is particularly important as those functions are often contracted out to external parties. Not only do these standards provide technical detail, but they also underpin the successful delivery of the high levels of safety this industry achieves and bring significant harmonisation across the country.

To ensure the standards reflect the expectations of all rail transport operators and suppliers, RISSB will manage these standards, going forward, as per its accredited process under the auspices of RISSB’s Infrastructure Standing Committee. In this instance, we’re extending a special invitation to you to submit feedback now on the content of the existing AS 1085 standards prior to their entering the formal RISSB review and development process. We’re also open to suggestions about new specifications that you believe should be added to the current series.

As we review the existing standards and take on board your feedback, we’ll develop a program of work to update the documents – watch this space for announcements on the formation of development groups and public consultations etc.

Thank you in advance for your input to the maintenance of these important industry documents. I’m sure you’ll agree that their transition to RISSB is a great outcome for everyone.

Please forward your AS 1085 feedback to RISSB General Manager – Safety and Innovation, Jesse Baker, via email jbaker@rissb.com.au by Monday, 11 December 2017.