12 Oct 2021

RISSB Priority Planning Process Update

We work to develop and deliver a suite of products and services which benefit our members and the wider rail community, and we rely on industry to help us determine what we should be focusing our efforts on through our annual priority planning process (PPP).

To formally kick off this year’s PPP we’re inviting you to submit your idea(s) for a new Standard, Code of Practice or Guideline to RISSB. For your idea to be considered, you must complete an updated Product Proposal Form and send it to info@rissb.com.au by Monday, 22 November 2021.

Each submission will need to consider:

  • Expected impact in supporting interoperability / harmonisation across Australia’s railways
  • Potential to improve national safety levels
  • Likely financial impacts (e.g. cost reductions)
  • Environmental benefits.

We thank you in advance for your input and ideas. The PPP is a very important part of RISSB’s process in:

  • Making sure that we’re writing the Standards / Codes of Practice / Guidelines that are the highest priority
  • Delivering the most value in reducing costs and improving performance, interoperability, harmonisation and safety.