Our Team

Name Position Location Contact
Deborah Spring Executive Chair and Chief Executive Officer Brisbane Contact Deborah
Kirk Alber Company Secretary Melbourne Contact Kirk
Jesse Baker General Manager Innovation and Major Projects Canberra Contact Jesse
Phil Allan Strategic Relations Manager Melbourne Contact Phil
Mark Eisentrager Commercial Manager Brisbane Contact Mark
Neal Peters Accreditation Manager Brisbane Contact Neal
Jennifer Willcock Communications Manager Brisbane Contact Jennifer
Risharda Robertson
Safety and Risk Systems Manager
Brisbane Contact Risharda
Sudha Niles Standards Development Manager Infrastructure Perth Contact Sudha
Raquel Leopoldo Accounts Assistant Brisbane Contact Raquel
Mike Aviet General Manager Product Delivery Brisbane Contact Mike
Ian Routcliffe Standards Development Manager Rolling Stock Brisbane Contact Ian
Judy Reynolds Training Development Manager Perth Contact Judy
Catriona Scott Standards Development Manager Safety Brisbane Contact Catriona
Cris Fitzhardinge Standards Development Manager Train Control & Operations Canberra Contact Cris