The aim of this Standard is to outline requirements that encourage rail organisations to adopt a whole-of-life approach to the management of turnouts and other special trackwork. This approach includes design, supply, construction, maintenance, decommissioning and disposal for a range of operational track gauges used in Australia.

For the purposes of this Standard, all clauses containing the term ‘shall’ are considered mandatory requirements, all clauses containing the term ‘should’ are considered recommendations, and all other clauses are explanatory statements. This Standard also highlights recommended and mandatory sections with (R) and (M) respectively alongside the
paragraph number.

All RISSB standards provide controls for hazards contained in RISSB’s hazard guideline. In this particular standard, the reference number of the hazard being addressed is identified in brackets at the end of each sentence (where appropriate).

RISSB’s hazard guideline can be found on the RISSB website at