The objective of this standard is to provide the Australian rail industry with a set of mandatory and recommended requirements for the signalling design management process. The main purpose is to promote a consistent approach to the signalling design process across the Australian rail industry.

This comprehensive process, if well implemented will substantially reduce the issues when developing the design as all aspects are considered in this process which will lead to –

  1. shortening of the implementation period;
  2. reduce the need for redesign;
  3. enable transferability of people;
  4. having a standard process;
  5. reduction in errors;
  6. potential reduction in costs.

The standard is intended to –

  1. provide a uniform basis for compliance with AS 7702 Railway Safety Management;
  2. be able to cover differing rail operations across Australia;
  3. identify the risks (hazards) being controlled;
  4. ensure that the standards survive a change in RIM.