The purpose of this guideline is to identify safety risks that are present for works within the rail corridor that can be mitigated through good planning practices and provide guidance on how planners can manage those risks.

This Guideline provides guidance on consideration of safety risks when planning for works within rail corridors.
This Guideline does not include operational risks that impact the operation of the railway, such as late hand back or incomplete works.
This Guideline does not include management of risk on-site on the day of the works. This is managed by the applicable safety policies and processes of individual organisations.

This guideline applies to all rail infrastructure managers (RIMs), external stakeholders and contractors who plan works within the rail corridor.
The guideline is designed to complement, not replace, any policies and procedures developed by a RIM, external stakeholder, or contractor. Through the use of this document, planners should have a better understanding of the risks associated with works within the rail corridor so they may address and mitigate those risks.