This guideline documents the process for undertaking static twist testing of rolling stock (locomotives, freight, passenger, and infrastructure track vehicles) as specified within AS 7509 Railway Rolling Stock – Dynamic Behaviour.

Australian Standard AS 7509 Railway Rolling Stock – Dynamic Behaviour describes the minimum requirements for the dynamic performance of both new and modified rolling stock, intended for operation on the railway network.
AS 7509 – Section 6 – Transition Curve Negotiation specifically relates to evaluating whether a vehicle can safely negotiate the exit transition from curves without exceeding an acceptable level of wheel unloading.

Static twist test guidelines do not cover how to conduct a twist test on Road Rail Vehicles. It is recommended that reference is made to AS7502:2015 for the method of conducting the test.

Road rail vehicle requirements are described in AS 7502 and the principles described within this guideline should also be applicable to those vehicle types.