The scope of this guideline includes the use of mobile and electronic devices impacting on operational safety on the railway network including depots, workshops, facilities, or anywhere rail safety work is performed for:

  • anyone performing rail safety work;
  • supervised visitors;
  • other roles that could impact the safety of railway operations.

Out of scope:

  • This guideline does not include members of the public who are on board trains, at level crossings, on platforms or when they are trespassing on the rail network.
  • The development of digital technologies for use in the rail corridor is not covered by this guideline. However, the RISSB guideline Integration of Human Factors in Engineering Design may provide valuable guidance in this area.


The objective of this guideline considers the use of mobile electronic devices in the rail industry for both work and personal purposes and tasks. These devices can include:

  • off the shelf consumer devices;
  • technologies designed to be used as a tool in the workplace that may have been developed and / or implemented by an operator.

The guideline provides guidance on the prevention of safety incidents resulting from the unsafe use of these mobile electronic devices where the RTO needs to consider the uses, distractions, and risks when a worker is interacting with a mobile electronic device.