This guideline is produced by RISSB in conjunction with representatives of the rail industry.
The purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance that supports the application of:
• AS 7502 Rail Road Vehicles;
• AS 7711 Signalling Principles;
• AS 7505 Signal Detection Interface;
• National Rules (in development).
The aim of this guideline is to encourage rail organisations to work collaboratively towards consistent implementation of technology and / or safeworking practices to manage vehicles with unreliable rail vehicle detection, providing benefits for the whole of the rail industry.
For all railways, there may be advantages of shared corridors, shared tracks or compatibility of communications systems, rolling stock, infrastructure components, procedures and practices that warrant consideration of interoperability principles.
Rail networks throughout Australia are owned and operated by various entities and in all cases have their own specific network rules and procedures to manage the operation of unreliably detected vehicles.

This guideline describes the issues with detection of certain types of rail traffic and their non-detectable or unreliable operation of track circuits