RISSB FY 2023 / 24 Product Delivery

Over the financial year 2023 / 2024, RISSB will be delivering projects that support Industry priorities, Innovation and Change initiatives, projects that promote harmonisation, interoperability and productivity and projects to support the National Rail Action Plan.

if you are interested in contributing to the development of any of the projects, please submit an expression of interest to info@rissb.com.au.


Review Standard AS 7531 Lighting and Visibility The lighting and visibility requirements for new and existing locomotive, freight, passenger, and infrastructure maintenance rolling stock are set out in this standard.
Review Standard AS 7502 Road Rail Vehicles This standard sets the core requirements for the safe design, construction, testing, maintenance, modifications and decommissioning of road rail vehicles.
Review  Standard AS 7503 Train Identification The standard provides a framework to maintain consistency in the identification of rolling stock, including the location and programming of Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) tags on Australian rail networks.
Review Standard AS 7505 Signalling detection and interface AS 7505 Signalling Detection Interface aims to ensure the continuing harmonisation of signalling systems across Australian networks. Under these requirements, the new and modified rolling stock should be compatible with signalling detection systems beyond those identified for the individual networks upon which it is intended to operate.
Review  Standard AS 7510.2 Braking Systems-Part 2 Hauled Rollingstock The AS7510 standard provides safety benefits in that proper braking performance contributes to the prevention of collisions or derailments of railway rolling stock by providing controls for the hazards listed
Review  Standard AS 7640 Rail Management

This standard establishes general principles for managing rail throughout the asset lifecycle, excluding design and manufacture.  This Standard does not cover:

(a) non-running rail infrastructure such as check rails and guard rails;
(b) turnouts and other special works; or (c) cane railway and monorail networks.manufacture.

New Standard AS 7739.2 Digital Engineering Data Model This standard will define best practices for the Australian Rail Industry and will cover data management processes and technical requirements for digital project deliverables.
New Standard AS 7661 Ballastless Track systems – Elevated railway, Long Tunnel and Bridges – Performance specification. This standard defines a minimum set of requirements for ballastless track (BLT) systems. This standard will also provide requirements and guidance for the decision making of BLT system selection based on WoL cost, maintenance requirements, safety and RAM target.
New Standard AS 7451 Rolling Stock Integrity This standard describes the train integrity requirements. This standard includes minimum requirements for train inspection and “carding” requirements for vehicles requiring repair.
New Standard AS 7655 Wayside Electrical Charging Interface for Low Emissions Rolling Stock This standard will develop electrical charging interface requirements for battery electric rolling stock (primarily locomotives, but also including battery tenders and autonomous single vehicles).
New Code of Practice Driver Only Operations This code will provide principles and practices for the safe implementation and maintenance of Driver Only Operations. The document will provide a consistent approach using a reserve SFAIRP methodology to identify key controls necessary for implementation.
Review Code of Practice Rail Safety Investigations This code provides procedures, tools and examples to assist accredited Rail Transport Operators (RTOs) in conducting rail safety investigations in order to prevent a similar occurrence.
New Guideline Safe Operation of RAVs across level crossings This guideline facilitates a consistent approach to managing rail safety risks associated with the introduction of Restricted Access Vehicles or Vehicles Operating Under a Permit traversing across the level crossing.
New Guideline Monitoring Hours of Work The guideline provides RTOs with information about considerations that should be included when designing monitoring hours of work processes for business units.
New AHNR Implementation and Adoption Project to facilitate the implementation of the following rules by conducting a public consultation, risk assessment and communicating change impacts to the industry:

  • Network Communications
  • Walking in the danger zone
  • Planning works in the rail corridor
NRAP  Standard AS 7489 Seats and internal appointments This Standard provides best practice and performance-based outcomes in the design, manufacture and maintenance of seating and Internal appointments in passenger rail services.
NRAP  Standard AS 7495 Communication equipment This Standard provides best practice and performance-based outcomes in the design, manufacture and maintenance of seating and Internal appointments in passenger rail services.
NRAP  Standard AS 7630 Corridor Infrastructure This Standard establishes track classification with functional and performance requirements, specific characteristics and limitations for the various track classifications.
New Paper Rolling Stock Registration – White Paper Study (Gap analysis) on the variation in Rolling Stock Registration requirement across the industry (DIRN)
This will be a prelude to the NRSR system.
New System National Rolling Stock Register System Project to facilitate the central implementation of Rolling stock registration.

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