01 Mar 2024

Call for Public Consultation – AS 7631 Sighting

The closing date for comments – Tuesday, 30 April 2024

The review for AS 7631 Sighting is now open for a 60-day Public Consultation.

How will this product help the rail industry? 

Your contribution to the review of this Standard will assist Rail Infrastructure Managers (RIM’s) to overcome or minimise the safety risks associated with poor sighting arrangements; thereby increasing safety of operations and people.


This Standard aims to provide a framework for the development and implementation of optimal sighting arrangements for visual stimuli in the rail corridor, where it is critical that a person(s) perceives, interprets and acts upon a stimulus in a safe and controlled manner.

Signs, signals, and indicators are used in the railway to present information to train crew, maintenance workers and other authorized persons working in the rail corridor. In order for this information to be comprehended by the user, the correct sighting of the stimulus is required.

The objective of this Standard is to assess optimal sighting arrangements in order to minimise risks as a consequence of poor sighting on the railway network.

How to contribute

AS 7631 Sighting will be available for Public Consultation for 60 days. All interested parties are encouraged to provide comments during this time.

The draft Standard is available to download here.

To make comments on the draft, please use the commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to comment in-line with the text.

Please return your PDF with comments to amuscat@rissb.com.au by Tuesday, April 30 2024.

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