27 May 2021

Good Practice for the Management of Wheel Squeal White Paper Released

A white paper that provides practical advice on how to manage wheel squeal on Australian rail networks has just been released by RISSB.

Aimed at above and below rail managers, the paper titled Good Practice for the Management of Wheel Squeal provides recommendations on how industry can manage this complex issue, one that we know can disturb our neighbours in the community, by leveraging off 10 years’ worth of national and international research into the matter.

In addition to providing hierarchy of control measures, the paper also provides industry with an understanding of current practices employed by national and international railway systems in the management of wheel squeal.

The paper supports a whole-of-industry approach that goes beyond rail transport operators and rail infrastructure managers. The paper found significant potential for all rail industry stakeholders to contribute equally to outcomes that would bolster rail’s social license to operate and enhance rail’s future role in Australia’s land transport market.

The paper was developed by Acoustic Studio Pty Ltd with contributions from suppliers, government, rail infrastructure managers and rail operators.

The white paper continues RISSB’s ongoing work in train-related noise management and is a significant project within RISSB’s Major Projects portfolio. The Major Projects portfolio targets problem areas for industry not easily addressed by RISSB’s more traditional projects of Standards, Codes of Practice and Guidelines.

The Good Practice for the Management of Wheel Squeal White Paper can be downloaded from RISSB’s Grand Central page.

If you are a member and would like to download the white paper, please go to www.rissb.com.au/grandcentral and find the ‘Helpful Resources’ section.