18 May 2021

Track Worker Safety Options Report Released

RISSB in conjunction with ONRSR has released an options report assessing 16 global track worker safety technologies that can be used in the Australian rail environment.

The report titled Track Worker Safety Options identifies international and local technologies that can be used to prevent avoidable accidents and near misses on the Australian rail network.

The report is the culmination of extensive research to identify applicable technologies, as well as comprehensive engagement with stakeholders around the country, to first characterise the technology and ultimately examine a path to adoption that is both effective and commercially viable.

Options proposed in the publication include LiDAR and machine vision on vehicles; worker sign in/ sign out systems; driver and worker location awareness systems; electronic blocking; and  remote overhead isolation and track possession.

The report underscores the importance of RISSB’s commitment to supporting track worker safety. Over the past year, RISSB has maintained this commitment by delivering work packages across five key areas: technology, planning works, skills / competencies, communications, and culture.

The report was overseen by the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation and was launched at RISSB’s Rail Safety Conference on Monday, 12 May.

The report can be accessed from RISSB’s Grand Central web page: https://www.rissb.com.au/grandcentral/.

Just look for the ‘Helpful Resources’ area.