10 Apr 2017

Only Three Weeks Left for Ranking in RISSB Priority Planning Forum 2017

On behalf of RISSB, I’m writing to remind you that we only have 3 weeks left to rank proposed projects in the 2017 RISSB Priority Planning Forum.

The entire ranking system will take place online and you can access the ranking portal here.

Part of the reason as to why RISSB has allowed a period of four weeks for ranking is to ensure that all stakeholders are given ample time to carefully consider each of the proposed projects and rank them accordingly. Please note that you are able to amend your ranking should you change your mind on which projects you would like to see prioritised for the following 12 months.

As previously communicated, each company will rank projects from 1 (high priority) to 26 (low priority). RISSB members’ votes will carry an added loading, to reflect the fact that our members are most strongly committed to the outcomes and ideals of the Forum. However, all members of the industry and even the public are entitled to have a say if they wish to. This has always been the case, and continues to apply with the shift to a new format.

I look forward to your engagement in the voting period and if anyone has any queries on the process please contact me on (07) 3724 0000.

Yours Sincerely,


Paul Daly