29 Mar 2017

Priority Planning Forum Ranking Opens Next Week!

Ranking for the 2017/18 Priority Planning is fast approaching, with the four week period commencing on Monday 3rd April 2017.

RISSB has received a raft of projects from its Standing Committees, Members and Stakeholders and if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to visit the Priority Planning Page on the RISSB website.

Under the tab ‘PPF Project Summary’, you will find a complete list of all the proposed projects that you will soon be able to rank in your order of priority. Moreover, detailed information relating to the scope, hazard identification and the benefits of each of the proposed projects is provided to assist in determining which should be prioritised for the following 12 months.

In addition, we have also included a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. It contains the relevant information on the process for the 2017 forum and how the ranking will take place.

Most importantly, the transition from a one-day conference to an online platform will not prevent you from being able to have direct contact with the relevant Project Managers. We have included a section entitled ‘Ask a PM’ should you wish to obtain further information about any of the proposed projects. Once you submit your enquiry the respective project manager will soon be in touch with the information that you require.

The whole premise behind the revamped RISSB Priority Planning Forum is to increase participation and in the process determine a list of priority projects for the next 12 months that are more reflective of the rail industry’s needs. We are confident that the new format will achieve the stated aims.

I look forward to your engagement in the Priority Planning process and if anyone has any queries on the process please contact me on (07) 3724 0000.


Paul Daly