26 Apr 2019

RISSB Announces New Website Launch

RISSB Announces New Website Launch

I am writing to let you know that from 4pm until midnight on Tuesday, 30 April rissb.com.au will be temporarily unavailable. The site will be back online on the morning of Wednesday, 1 May with a brand new-user friendly website.

The new website will provide a more intuitive and efficient experience with improved search, accessibility and navigation functionality.

The first thing you’ll notice is the change in the appearance of the website, with more contemporary branding, images and enhanced features including an individual dashboard enabling users to access data such as personalised product download and event booking information.

The new website also features:

• A simpler, more intuitive structure making it easier for people to apply to become a member, access RISSB products and register to attend RISSB conducted training courses and events
• A new and adaptable design making it easier to access various parts of the site on mobile devices
• A consolidated news page
• A dedicated events and training page with a list of events, courses and conferences scheduled for the coming year.

A test version of the new website was released earlier this month as part of user acceptance testing. The feedback from all the participants helped shaped what you will see on Wednesday.

RISSB is committed to continually improving its website and will continue to review information online to ensure content is clear and concise, with additional functionality and new features (such as the Occupational Culture Work Health and Safety Survey) expected to be released in the coming months.

So, from Wednesday please browse the site and start taking advantage of the new website’s features. RISSB’s website will be updated with fresh new content on a regular basis, including up-to-date information about products, our suite of safety tools, and events and training courses.

Website users can provide feedback on the new website by emailing info@rissb.com.au with WEBSITE in the subject line.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Daly