27 Apr 2016


The purpose of this communiqué is to advise stakeholders that RISSB will convene its annual project priorities workshop in Melbourne on 27 April 2016.  The aim of this activity is to determine RISSB’s project priorities for FY2016-17.

As was the case this year, the workshop is being held separately from RISSB’s safety conference as feedback from previous years indicated that not enough time was given to properly debate project priorities. Accordingly, the workshop will again be convened over a full day and is to be held in Melbourne at a venue to be determined. It will commence at 10:00 and finish at 17:00.

A similar prioritising process will be followed to that adopted in 2015, however there will be more time to review and analyse each of the projects. Prior to the workshop, participants will be provided a list of projects which has been developed during the previous 12 months and prioritised by members of RISSB’s Standing Committees.

On receipt of this list, participants should assess the projects based on their respective organisation’s risk profile and either obtain their organisation’s agreement to the priorities as set out in the list, or reorder them accordingly.

As in past years, no new projects will be introduced at the workshop. However stakeholders are welcome to submit projects for consideration by the Standing Committees no later than 11 March 2016. RISSB’s websitehttp://www.rissb.com.au/key-documents/admin-documents/standards-development-procedures/  contains advice on how one should go about this, as well as a form to complete and lodge.

During the workshop, participants will be requested to work with others to determine a national priority list of projects based on their respective organisation’s priorities. Previous workshop outcomes suggest many of the priorities will be aligned.  However where they aren’t, a debate will be had and a consensus reached on the order of these projects. Those projects assigned the highest priority (priority one) will be funded in FY2016-17, depending upon resources available.

Organisations (or individuals) with an interest in RISSB’s project priorities for FY2016-17 should send representatives to this workshop. As places are limited it is recommended that nominations be advised as soon as possible, but before 1 April 2016 to Kirk Alber at kalber@rissb.com.au.

The RISSB team looks forward to your participation in this important event.

Paul Daly