16 Dec 2021

RISSB Releases Australia’s First Dedicated Light Rail Standard

RISSB is proud to announce the release of the first dedicated Australian light rail Standard – AS 7601.1 Light rail and road interfaces: Management of light rail vehicle movements.

This Standard is the cumulation of over 12 months work by some of the light rail industry’s leading operations, human factors, and safety experts, who worked collaboratively to ensure that all aspects of light rail vehicle movement was covered.

AS 7601.1 seeks to assist the light rail sector by providing requirements and recommendations that are specific to the nature of light rail networks and aims to improve safety whist reducing engineering and project costs, as well as bringing a level of harmonisation to the industry.

The Standard covers line of sight movements, road crossings, and signaling systems, including standardised approaches to signal indications. A key focus of the Development Group was the consideration of human factors across all areas, to ensure that system design considers the needs of light rail drivers and other road users.

RISSB has already received feedback from light rail organisations that they intend to adopt the requirements and recommendations outlined in the Standard, as it will provide significant value to their networks. Prior to its publication, light rail networks have largely had to comply with heavy rail and road specifications which have often proved to be sub-optimal from a light rail perspective.

RISSB is continuing to support the light rail industry, with the Light Rail Safeworking Code of Practice under development, and the creation of the Light Rail Standing Committee to oversee the RISSB Light Rail program. Further light rail specific products will be developed over the coming years, all aimed at improving safety, interoperability, and harmonisation for this rapidly expanding urban transport system.

Members can download AS 7601.1 Light rail and road interfaces: Management of light rail vehicle movements directly from RISSB’s website.

If you’re interested in knowing more about RISSB’s activity in light rail or you want to contribute to a light rail project, please email cfitzhardinge@rissb.com.au.