Priority Planning Process

The Rail Industry and Safety Standards Board (RISSB) works to develop and deliver a suite of products and services which benefit our funding members and the wider rail community.

The first step in developing our work plan for the coming year is the priority planning forum – our annual invitation to industry stakeholders to help us determine which proposed products will have the biggest positive impact on the rail industry, and which should receive RISSB development priority.

Ideas for new products are put forward through a formal call for submissions process that is open to anyone with an interest in the rail industry.

Over the years we have made improvements to the way we act on those ideas submitted by industry, and this year we’re excited to announce that we’ve identified some terrific opportunities. Most notably, the way we capture new ideas will be more thorough, with a greater emphasis on the benefits to industry meaning the quality and robustness of applications will be significantly better. We’re also going to better include our industry stakeholders (especially RISSB’s discipline-based Standing Committees) in evaluating proposals, to really ensure that the projects on our workplan reflect industry priorities.