This standard is intended to provide a common framework for Rail Transport Operators (RTOs) to evaluate novel or modified railway products for type approval.

The concepts within this standard are intended to be applied throughout the railway industry supply chain.

This Standard is intended to be applied to railway products and to specify the following:

  1. the minimum requirements to be evaluated for type approval of railway products;
  2. the information to be provided by the supplier of railway products requiring type approval;
  3. the evaluation process to be applied;
  4. the responsibility of those organisations that use the type approval process and/or result;
  5. the standard type approval certificate and supporting documents;
  6. a framework for the production of type approval documentation.

The RTOs remain responsible for ensuring that any risks introduced by new products are controlled so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP).

Type approval is a generic process that is an efficient method for the RTO to accept novel or modified products for use on its infrastructure in the RTO’s jurisdiction. This does not mean however that an RTO will necessarily be bound by a type approval given by another RTO.

By describing a standard process, this Standard aims to provide productivity gains for both RTOs and Suppliers.