This Code of Practice (Code) details the recommendations and requirements for using rail traffic horns to support the safe operation of rail traffic on the Australian rail network.

The recommendations and requirements aim to:

  1. standardize the use of rail traffic horns;
  2. minimize the use of rail traffic horns where opportunity exists;
  3. minimize the noise impact of rail traffic horns on the community where opportunity exists.

The scope of this Code covers the use of rail traffic horns on the Australian rail network for specific actions to mitigate safety risk, including guidance on:

  1. managing rail traffic horn use;
  2. managing rail traffic horn noise;
  3. network rules for rail traffic horns use;
  4. managing the interaction with rail traffic horns;
  5. opportunities to identify alternative technologies and methods to minimize rail traffic horn use.

The practices in this Code apply to rail transport operators (RTO), including contractors and third parties.