This Handbook has been developed to assist smaller to medium sized RTOs with effectively managing security related risks. It should be read in conjunction with Handbook 2, which provide guidance in the implementation of security strategies.

This Handbook recommends a more bespoke framework for the application of security risk management in the Australian and New Zealand rail industries, to support less-complex operations. It is a fluid document that will be monitored and refined in order to maintain international best practice for transport security.



This Handbook provides a framework and methodology for managing safety and security related risks in RTOs. It embraces the wide range of threats to which the rail transport systems are potentially exposed, including those related to issue motivated groups (IMGs) and terrorism.

The objectives of this Handbook are to:

  • encourage clear definition of security roles and responsibilities within RTOs;
  • establish a framework for the consistent application of security risk management principles that could be integrated with the rail industries safety and emergency risk management systems;
  • provide guidance for RTOs in developing a security risk management plan (SRMP) to manage risks to so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP).