The objective of this Standard is to set out the minimum requirements for signalling cables to minimise the risk of asset failures and of harm to personnel working with, or in the vicinity of, signalling cables.

This Standard:

  1. supports mutual accreditation by infrastructure managers, operators, and regulators;
  2. covers differing railway operations across Australia;
  3. identifies the risks (hazards) being controlled;
  4. ensures that cables of an appropriate standard are utilised in the Signalling System;
  5. supports a consistent approach in the use of Signalling Cables, enabling common cables to be used across state boundaries.

This Standard specifies the criteria for designing, procuring, and storing signalling cables on the Australian railway network.

This Standard covers the composition, types, packaging and acceptance criteria for railway signalling cables to ensure technical and safety integrity.

This standard is intended to be used by rail infrastructure managers (RIMs), designers of signalling systems, and manufacturers of signalling cables.