Key Benefits

Reduce costs

By contributing to RISSB’s development process, the cost of developing in-house standards, codes, rules and guidelines will be significantly reduced. Smaller businesses will become more efficient by using the products that are developed by industry experts.

Improve safety

By reducing the number of different industry practices, our products have proven they can enhance safety levels in the industry. Providing key standards for priority safety has increased safety performance in many jurisdictions.

Improve productivity

By having unrestricted access to our products, you will be able to more easily comply with regulatory requirements, demonstrate due diligence and compliance with your duty of care,which will improve your organisation’s productivity.

Common industry benchmarks

Because of the exacting, accredited and audited process we follow to develop our products, they have the status of good practice for the rail industry. We have created industry benchmarks that enable a more robust industry standard, and provide a measure of protection to rail operators following incidents.

Separation of standard development and usage

Because the standards development and implementation bodies are separated, using our products helps remove the potential for conflict of interest and also enhances transparency in your organisation.

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