Overview of Courses

RISSB Courses

RISSB offers courses with nationally recognised competencies (approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)) as well as other industry relevant courses.

Three types of courses are available:

Learning Express: short, online, self-paced courses

  • Introduction to Rail Safety
  • Rail Safety Worker Obligations
  • Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • Safety Critical Communications for Protection Officers

Blended courses: combination of online courses with tutorial support from a trainer

  • Derailment Investigation and Analysis Workshop*

Classroom courses: face to face with a trainer

  • Apply Safety Critical Communications in the Rail Environment (TLIF0008)
  • Investigate Rail Safety Incidents (TLIF5017)
  • Derailment Investigation and Analysis Workshop*

* This may be converted to TLIF5023 subject to competency mapping.

The duration of each course varies. Indicatively, timings are:

  • Learning Express courses are designed to be completed within 1 – 2 hours
  • Blended courses vary in design and may take up to several weeks to complete
  • Classroom courses are structured and can be delivered as a multi-day intensive learning experience in a face-to-face environment.

Detailed information on each course is provided through the training page on RISSB’s website: www.rissb.com.au.

Course materials

Learning Express courses are delivered in either a series of modules that are completed sequentially or in a flipbook which a student works through. There may be activities to assist learning within the course, with additional optional activities included as part of the course materials. Assessment quizzes are provided at either at the end of modules or the end of the course which a student must complete and pass.

Blended courses consist of an online component, a tutorial component, and may also include a practical assessment. The courses are usually also delivered in modules, with learning complemented by additional online resources used in parallel with the course. The course trainer will refer to the course materials when working with students. Additional supporting information (e.g. relevant guidance materials) can be accessed during the course as required.

For Classroom courses, a Student Manual is provided and will be utilised by the trainer in delivering the course. The trainer will integrate additional/optional information as required to support the learning experience.

Completing the courses

Learning Express courses are self-paced. It is recommended that a student allows adequate time to complete the course without interruption. The document How to use RISSB online courses will be available once a student has enrolled in the course and at the start of each course on the RISSB training portal.

Blended courses will be offered on a specific timetable, with pre-scheduled tutorials with a trainer assessor. Tutorials are normally scheduled to allow sufficient time for students to complete 2 or 3 modules of the course (which may have 9 or 10 modules in total). The number of tutorials will vary with the length and complexity of the course. Details of scheduled tutorial dates will be included when blended courses are advertised for enrolment. Students are expected to attend all tutorials.

Between tutorials, students will be expected to work online through the course, at their own pace, with the required course components being completed prior to the next scheduled tutorial.

The online components of blended learning courses are accessible via the Training page of RISSB’s website. These courses may include theory and practical assessments. Students are required to complete all assessments within an agreed timeframe to successfully complete the course.

Classroom courses are usually delivered over 2-3 days in a classroom environment or via virtual platforms. These courses will be offered on a specific timetable, with details of course dates included when they are advertised for enrolment. The courses may include theory and practical assessments. Students are required to complete all assessments within an agreed timeframe to pass the course.

If your organisation wants to discuss a specific delivery option tailored for the organisation, please contact RISSB at training@rissb.com.au.

Enrolling in a course

Enrolling as an individual:

  • for Learning Express courses, enrolment is through the RISSB website. The How to Enrol for a RISSB online course website page outlines the steps you need to take to enrol.
  • for Blended or Classroom courses, RISSB offers courses at set dates and times through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Please check the RISSB website www.rissb.com.au or contact RISSB at training@rissb.com.au.

Enrolling as a group

If an organisation wants to enrol several people in a particular course, please contact RISSB at training@rissb.com.au to process and, if applicable, apply any group booking discounts.

Course fees

Course fees vary and are outlined on the RISSB website www.rissb.com.au.

For all courses, RISSB members receive a discount that is calculated at enrolment.

If a student wants to enrol in a Learning Express course as an individual, they can do this using a credit card through PayPal. Once payment is successfully made, the student will have immediate access to the course. If a student needs to pay by other means, please contact RISSB at training@rissb.com.au.

On payment via PayPal a transaction receipt will be immediately generated, with a tax invoice being emailed the following day business day. If this does not suit your enrolment requirements, contact RISSB’s Training Team at training@rissb.com.au.

Further pricing options/discounts are available for group bookings of 10 or more participants. If an organisation or part of an organisation wants to make a bulk booking or become a RISSB member before enrolling, please contact RISSB at training@rissb.com.au.

Payment for Blended and Classroom courses will be arranged through RISSB by contacting training@rissb.com.au.

Re-enrolment in courses

Learning Express courses assess learning through a series of questions throughout the course, or via an assessment style quiz at the end of the course. A specified number of assessment attempts are provided for each course. In attempting these assessments, a minimum pass rate must be met in order to complete the course successfully. Pass rates vary between courses and are detailed in each course flyer, on the RISSB website and when a student has enrolled.

For Learning Express courses, a Certificate of Completion will only be issued once the student has passed the course assessment. This will be issued electronically for the student to print.

Blended and Classroom courses will be delivered in association with one of RISSB’s partner Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Both the theory and practical assessments for these courses will be undertaken under the supervision of the relevant RTO. A student will be required to demonstrate they are competent to the supervising RTO in order to be granted a nationally recognised competency.

Once passed, a Certificate of Attainment will be issued by the RTO.

If a student does not successfully complete a course, they will need to contact RISSB at training@rissb.com.au and wait for a course retry acknowledgment email before they re-enrol.

Please note that re-enrolment in a course is subject to payment of the course fee again. While RISSB makes every endeavour to support students in their learning, if they are unable to demonstrate successful completion of the requirements of a course, further attempts will only be available by re-enrolling.

Course cancellations and refunds

Learning Express courses are non-refundable once a student has commenced the course. If a student does not start a course they have enrolled in, a refund will be payable subject to a nominal administration fee.

The following terms and conditions are applied to Blended and Classroom courses:

  • Courses are non-refundable once a student commences the course.
  • If a student withdraws from a course up to 7 days in advance of the start of the course, a full refund will be payable less an administration fee.
  • If a student withdraws from a course between 4 and 6 days in advance of the start of the course, the refund penalty will be 25% of the course fee.
  • If a student withdraws from a course between 2 and 3 days in advance of the start of the course, the penalty will be 50% of the course fee.
  • If a student withdraws from a course between 1 day in advance of the start of the course, or on the start date of the course, no refund will be payable.

If a student fails to start the course, no refund will payable.

Training support from RISSB

RISSB offers training support through:

  • A dedicated email training@rissb.com.au which is monitored during normal business hours. This should be used for all general questions or non-urgent issues.
  • technical help desk from 8am – 10pm Mon-Fri and 10am-6pm on weekends. This should be used for technical assistance only when undertaking a course. Technical assistance includes problems with processing credit card payment or accessing the course. It does not cover general queries in relation to course content. Helpdesk contact details are provided on enrolment in a course.